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You know how the French have that word for when you make some sort of social mistake? Well I, like, totally made one of those today. I was doing my daily rounds, and as I passed Moitie there was a sign out front! A doomy sign with elegant gothic katakana on it, and it said "ORUDAABU". I couldn't help myself and went inside to check it out. Maybe it was the name of one of Matin's new friends or something, right? I started looking around at all the flocky goodness in Moitie, but there wasn't much new since yesterday. Until I reached the back of the store, anyway. There was a clerk just standing there, wearing something that looked suspiciously like THE MANA's maid dress from "Bel Air". And he was holding a tray with little pastries on it, and a sign that said "ORUDAABU". He looked sort of dusty, as if he had been standing there for weeks or even months. I think I even saw a spiderweb on him, or maybe it was just his spooky Moitie tie. But so this was it! I helped myself to one of the pastries. It was kind of cold and hard but still tasted sort of yummy, I guess. Though it was... kind of spicy. >_< The whole time, the clerk was just kind of watching me expectantly. There was an awkward pause while I tried to figure out what to do. Finally, I reached for another pastry, and he smacked me with his keitai strap! ;_; Was I not supposed to have seconds?

Then I realized: it was THAT SAME GUY from the game closet! He must have realized at the same time as his eyes narrowed in recognition. Then he kicked me out of the store.

... Maybe he likes me~ ^_^
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