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Moitie Clerks on Tap
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Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
2:08 pm
You know how the French have that word for when you make some sort of social mistake? Well I, like, totally made one of those today. I was doing my daily rounds, and as I passed Moitie there was a sign out front! A doomy sign with elegant gothic katakana on it, and it said "ORUDAABU". I couldn't help myself and went inside to check it out. Maybe it was the name of one of Matin's new friends or something, right? I started looking around at all the flocky goodness in Moitie, but there wasn't much new since yesterday. Until I reached the back of the store, anyway. There was a clerk just standing there, wearing something that looked suspiciously like THE MANA's maid dress from "Bel Air". And he was holding a tray with little pastries on it, and a sign that said "ORUDAABU". He looked sort of dusty, as if he had been standing there for weeks or even months. I think I even saw a spiderweb on him, or maybe it was just his spooky Moitie tie. But so this was it! I helped myself to one of the pastries. It was kind of cold and hard but still tasted sort of yummy, I guess. Though it was... kind of spicy. >_< The whole time, the clerk was just kind of watching me expectantly. There was an awkward pause while I tried to figure out what to do. Finally, I reached for another pastry, and he smacked me with his keitai strap! ;_; Was I not supposed to have seconds?

Then I realized: it was THAT SAME GUY from the game closet! He must have realized at the same time as his eyes narrowed in recognition. Then he kicked me out of the store.

... Maybe he likes me~ ^_^
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
2:26 pm
The Cleaning
It went well.

11:50 am
*psst - the moitie clerks lie. i'm pretty sure they do know the Mana. End of psst.*
Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
11:23 am
Die By Goomba
You know, if you hang out at Moitie when no one else is around, the clerks will sometimes talk to you! I was out for an afternoon tea (NOT at the coffee shop... I know "L is Left" now, thank you very much) and on the way home, I thought I'd stop in at Moitie and pick up a new Moitie hand towel. I had a hand toweling emergency the other night, and had to actually open my sealed display-only hand towel, so I needed a replacement. You know how it is. So it was just a usual Moitie trip for me, except the place was deserted this time. I paid for my hand towel, and then the clerk's eyes met mine and there was an awkward silence. It seemed incumbent on me to say something.
"Slow day today... does it ever get lonely around here?"
Yeah, real smooth, I know. But I had to say something. Anyway, there was an uncomfortable pause, and then he replied, "Not really. We have TV. I was just about to watch some TV."
I felt daring, so I asked, "Can I watch with you?" You could almost hear the gears and bats in his head turning and flapping as he pondered this... but at last he said, "Yes. Come with me." He led me into the Moitie break room, or should I say break closet. Like OMG! It really was just a small walk-in closet with an armoire in it - très gothic. The clerk opened up the armoire to reveal a TV; he then pulled open a drawer and took out an old Famicom and hooked it up. Like, that thing must have been as old as I am! He put in "Mario" with Game Genie and keyed in a code for infinite lives. Then he closed the closet door and turned out the lights, so we were standing there in the flickering light of the TV screen. He hit Start... and dropped the controller, standing at attention. The first Goomba slowly trundled over and killed Mario in about 30 seconds, and the level started over. I reached for the controller, and... *SMACK!!!* As fast as lightning, he smacked my hand with a Moitie keitai strap, so hard that I could read "Moi-meme-Moitie" in reverse where he struck.
"Don't... *touch the controller*...", he said, wide-eyed. He turned back to the screen in time to see the Goomba run down Mario again. I waited a bit to se if he would do anything more, but he just stood there in the closet, watching the game loop over and over. It was TOTALLY creepy. I slipped out of the closet, closing the door behind me, but I don't think he even noticed. He's probably still in there.

Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
4:53 pm
Because I don't live in Japan, I'm going to come to read this community every single day. That way, through the magic of the internet, I can live my imaginary life where I go and buy Moitie every single day...when really I'm just sitting home picking my zits and playing Final Fantasy 7 (Which I've been playing for a year and still haven't beaten).

Today I totally saw Mana coming out of his store but I gave him the stink eye so he wouldn't suspect I was his fan or anything.
Friday, January 21st, 2005
1:08 pm
So like OMG, I was in Moitie the other day and it was WEIRD. It was like they totally remodeled the place. All the cool coffins and black stuff were replaced with, like, wood and Ansel Adams piccus and boring stuff like that. And all the clerks were different! They were all sitting around drinking coffee (which wasn't even BLACK) and talking about, like, books and stuff. But so I walked in and tried to ask where they kept the panniers now. 'Cause I'm getting a Monday/Wednesday/Friday pannier, so I can use my other 2 as Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday/Sunday. Can't let them wear out, ne... Anyway, they all kind of looked up from their lattes and asked me what I thought of Napoleon Chagnon. And so I was like, I guess that whole thing about taking over all of Europe and becoming emperor was kind of uncool, but he had really nice clothes. So then they all just LOOKED at me like ( )_( ). What a bunch of Botox ice queens. This place was starting to creep me out, so I kind of left. And then I saw Moitie was actually on the other side of the hall and I was actually just in a coffee shop. Like OMG! I must have forgotten to make the "L" with my hands to tell which is my left side! I forget that sometimes. I was totally scared for a minute though!
5:48 pm
I have cool something say (^-^)

Yesterday, I again go to Moitie and ate the pizza, and now I have vision!!! I go there much times and so I have Manasama sychic powers I think. I am a little scary, but maybe it is not bad for me.

I am like Gackt now!!11! But I do not see ghosts.

I SEE FEET! (because Manasama likes shoes a little too much creepy)

I can see every somebody's feet now if I want look for feet.

(I can speak engrish also! Manasama has wonderful of God power, even though he sold out his navy original print dress)
Friday, September 20th, 1991
6:54 am
I'm new!
I went to Marui One the other day, but there wasn't any Gothic Lolita stuff, I think I'll have to wait until Mana creates it and all... instead, there are pizza shops, and the clerks are all wearing pizza costumes!
Strangely, they steped me to the exit and handed me the pizza bag I buyed, I was so angry I threw the pizza in the culverts... and then I heard a scream coming from there o_O, something like "oooh, Neustadt"

Current Mood: shocked
Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
10:41 pm
Whoa, Moitie clerks live at McDonalds? That explains a lot...

You know, I was at Moitie the other day too and they're having a new promotion! 5 Moitie items somewhere in one of the stores will come with Golden Tickets, and the people who have those tickets will get a tour of Mana's factory! Like OMG! I bought a keitai strap just to try my luck, but no dice.

... and I saw someone who looks suspiciously like Juka buying up tons of Moitie goods... <_<
Thursday, January 20th, 2005
11:15 am
OMG I went to Marui01 today and guess who were there:

THE MOITIE CLERKS !!!!! *I felt much happiness*

But today I didn't talk to them; I hid inside the corsets across the aisle from the store. Eventually Uggysan (I don't know his name so I call him Uggy cause it's cute like the free 3-inch teddy bear they gave me after I spent $585 on my original flocky dress size 2) walked OUT OF STORE. I was like "wooooah. They can leave?" OOOOO___oooo I thought they just lived under the counter and Mana flew down the air vents and brought them sammiches sometimes or something.

So I decided to follow him and find out where he did live. We walked for a loooong looong time, until we got to McDonalds and he went in. So..

the clerks live in McDonalds!

I always thought ketchup was a reference to bloood and banpaiya. Those doomy McDonald CEOS.
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